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DAS STUDIO “Trusted Brand Production” – Consistently and efficiently implementing your brand architecture and communication across all touch points, both nationally and internationally, is our core area of expertise.

Ever since our founding we have been successfully focusing on innovation and on providing the best, award-winning customer service. Nevertheless, our core focus has always remained the same: with our sights firmly set on image and colour.

With plenty of experience and the highest level of commitment, we produce visual content for packaging, PoSM, and marketing communications for small yet sophisticated brands, large retail brands, and global players, in both print and digital channels.

Happy and successful customers are our mission.


Print & Media Award 2019 –SILVER for the customer and sales team of the year 2019

Print & Media Award 2018 –Finalist for the best customer and sales team of the year 2018

Print & Media Award 2017 –SILVER for the customer and sales team of the year 2017

Print & Media Award 2016 – HP (Hewlett Packard) Award for „the most innovative company“ 2016

Print & Media Award 2014 – POLAR-MOHR Award for the customer and sales team of the year

Print Star 2014 – Gold in the category of large format printing & photo print production

P&G External Business Partner Excellence Award 2013

Print & Media Award 2012 – Fujifilm Award for the media service provider of the year

Innovation Prize of the German Print Industry 2008

Print & Media Award 2010 – TOP 4 for “Best Customer Service" and “Innovation”

Print & Media Award 2009 – TOP 4 for “Best Customer Service” and “Innovation”

Fogra Contact Proof Creation 34893 Certificate

DuonPortal Certificate 2023

Tested quality company – Offset printing process standard

ClimatePartner – Climate-neutral company

Fogra PSD Print Check LFP Seal 34893

Numbers and Facts

Founded by Torsten Hegner in Frankfurt in 1969, DAS STUDIO is one of the most innovative and customer-friendly companies in the industry. We are climate-neutral, certified and have received numerous awards for our work.


DAS STUDIO produces up to 40,000 artworks a year. These range from folding boxes, stand-up pouches, labels, displays, wobblers, totems and online displays to online banners, social media posts, brochures and ads.


DAS STUDIO produces artworks in over 30 different languages. From packaging for Australia and China to PoSM for Turkey, Egypt and Russia and ads in Germany and Switzerland.


DAS STUDIO is an owner-operated family company now run by the family’s 2nd generation.


DAS STUDIO has over 90 full-time employees, and 250 employees through the PREVACO network.


With our own locations in Germany and Asia, and our partners, we are best positioned to support international projects and clients.

Björn Hegner
Managing Director & Owner
Björn Hegner is a Managing Director focusing on Sales/Marketing and Finances. Björn Hegner got his degree in communication sciences and economics, and is a board sport enthusiast.
Thomas Behmüller
Managing Director
Thomas Behmüller is the Managing Director focusing on Media IT and Operations. Thomas Behmüller is a trained typesetter and a lifelong Eintracht fan.
Torsten Hegner
Founder: March 1st 1945 – August 4th 2022
Torsten Hegner is the founder and namesake of the company.  
In 1969, together with a small team, he founded DAS STUDIO and, with a great deal of entrepreneurial courage and foresight, built it up into one of the leading prepress and media production companies in Germany.  
After more than 50 successful years as an entrepreneur, he later devoted himself primarily to painting with exhibitions in Germany and southern France: www.torsten-hegner-art.de.  
Torsten Hegner passed away on August 4, 2022.
The management and all employees mourn the loss of a great person and entrepreneur.
Fachverband Medienproduktion
Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut
Fogra Forschungsgesellschaft Druck e.V.
Marketing Club Frankfurt
Die Familien Unternehmer – ASU e.V.
Climate neutral

DAS STUDIO Torsten Hegner GmbH works with the TÜV certified climate protection specialists at ClimatePartner to determine the company’s  CO2 Footprint each year.

This serves as a basis for helping us systematically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and for our general environmental protection measures.

We compensate for any CO2 emissions we are not able to eliminate by purchasing emissions certificates.

Because of this work, DAS STUDIO Torsten Hegner GmbH is proud to be able to call itself a “climate-neutral” company.

By purchasing certificates, we support the following projects

(certificate number: 10369-1205-1001):

wind energy 

Prony & Kafeate, New Caledonia (WWF Gold Standard)

forest conservation 

Kibale National park, Uganda

forest restoration 

San Rafael, Costa Rica

You can find more information on this topic at:


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DAS STUDIO offers exciting, challenging positions where you can become a proactive part of serving our international customers and their brands throughout the design-to-print process – view our Career page here:
With plenty of experience from over 45 years of media production, we produce visual content for packaging, PoSM, and marketing communications for small yet sophisticated brands, large retail brands, and global players – examples are available here:
You can see an overview of our entire portfolio of services, from packaging and PoSM to MarCom and digital, here:
Communication is the first step to perfection
Communication is the first step to perfection