Central Brand Management ( Central Repro)
The Concept

DAS STUDIO functions as a design-to-print agency (central repro agency) to support brand owners in efficiently and consistently adapting and implementing all brand communications across all printing processes, communication channels (print/digital) and languages – Your benefits, as a branded company or retailer:

> the efficient and consistent implementation (colour, CI/CD) of all packaging designs, advertising, promotions or PoSM across all materials and printing processes
> quicker implementation of promotions and linguistic adaptations
> fast, centralised access to the most recent or updated database
> reviewing data up to the printing plate (production of flexographic plates)

In English the concept is often also called decoupling as the creative process and the production/ execution is separated to the respective specialists. The full process is calles design-to-print and is explained in the following steps.

Design to print (central repro) by DAS STUDIO in detail

The process of providing centralised customer care in the pre-printing stage or implementation starts right at the beginning of the “graphic supply chain” – with the design and creation of content (images, logos, colours).

Design phase

During this phase, the experts at DAS STUDIO advise design decision-makers on feasibility and technical printing challenges and potential solutions.

This ensures secure implementation and saves time later in the production process.

By simulating all printing processes, for instance on original substrates, creating mock-ups – as real and finished dummies or virtual CGI objects, we are able to optimally simulate the results you can expect.

In addition, DAS STUDIO helps with image processing and producing product shots (photography or CGI/3D).

Artwork Phase

During the next step, DAS STUDIO functions as a central contact for creative agencies, marketing departments, production plants, and print shops, and assembles all the information you need to create perfect artwork.

By combining all artwork creation into a single source, while also bundling required information and communication, we are able to create synergies for more quickly implementing linguistic and format adaptations and promotions.

Repro Phase

Once artwork has been created and approved, for instance in the DAS STUDIO workflow management solution “WebJobTasche”, the repro phase begins – artworks are prepared specifically for the printing process  (e.g. Flexo, Gravur, Offset, Digital), for all substrates (e.g. foil, lables, corrugated, folding-boxes, sachet, tubes, cans) in question with appropriate colour management.

Centralising implementation with DAS STUDIO can help ensure the consistency of colours and your overall brand image securely across all printing methods and means of communication through intelligent colour management.

DAS STUDIO is available as a central contact for all print shops and packaging material producers, and ensures the process runs seamlessly.

Printing plates and print acceptance

DAS STUDIO is a “one stop” solution, offering you brand production and print forms as needed (flexographic plates), and handling approval of your final printing results in the print shop. We benefit from the many years of experience offered by our partners in print form manufacturing, as well as from our close partnerships with major printers.

Give us a call, and learn more about “central brand management” and our case studies in this area: zentralrepro@das-studio.de, Björn Hegner: 06102-2917-24

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