We help brand owners (FOOD, FMCG, retail) to make complex topics like HolyGrail 2.0 manageable through consulting and smooth implementation. Without much own effort. For a strong appearance in terms of sustainability!

DAS STUDIO is officially a Digimarc and HolyGrail2.0 partner and can advise you on all aspects of the innovative “invisible" barcode.

We support you with the most important questions about Digimarc, the “digital watermark", what has to be considered e.g. in design,
technical implementation and printing with Digimarc, and accompany you in the implementation for your packaging or generally your communication with the Digimarc code.

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What can the DIGIMARC code do?

Was der Digimarc Coe alles kann.

The challenges

  • More and more legal requirements, less and less space on the packaging
  • Efficiency in the logistics chain
  • Efficiency at the checkout (often due to many barcodes/barcodes on one package)
  • Interaction with customers via packaging
  • Linking off-line and on-line via packaging

The solution – the Digimarc code

A great way to solve these challenges are the “invisible" barcodes from the US company DigimarcTM. Often described as a watermark for this reason.

The principle: The DigimarcTM code is hidden as a barely recognizable pattern (watermark), e.g. in colored areas of the packaging, and can be read with the corresponding app or a POS system or scanner.
Or the corresponding barcode (GTIN/EAN) can be read via the Digimarc “watermark".

On the one hand, a scan can be made better, faster, from all sides (e.g. scanner at the checkout or in the warehouse) and on the other hand, the space freed up on the packaging is available for other information and for the design on the packaging.

Moreover, since the barcode substitute is hardly recognizable without an appropriate reader (scanner) and is hidden in countless places, this system is almost impossible to counterfeit.

The Digimarc code can be used with all common printing methods for packaging. Most cash register systems or scanners used in Germany recognize the Digimarc Code on their packaging.

Holy Grail 2.0 (HG2.0)
Under the umbrella of the AIM – European Brands Association, the Alliance to End Plastic Waste  join forces for the Digital Watermarks Initiative HolyGrail 2.0 with Digimarc.

As a Digimarc and AIM/HG2.0 Partner DAS STUDIO can also support you in this new concept to end plastic waste!

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Tel.: 06102-2917-0, Björn Hegner
E-mail: b-hegner@das-studio.de



  • The faster a product/package can be identified, the more likely it is that the check-out process at the store checkout will be fast and efficient.


The Digimarc platform provides data redundancy that facilitates automatic identification of specific packaging components during manufacturing.
This could improve accuracy rates for in-line inspection systems/scanners to read/scan labels with alternatives such as Data Matrix codes, especially for difficult shapes such as cylinders.

Consumer brands

  • At the manufacturer, quality controls and interactions with the end consumer can be simplified via packaging.

Media & Entertainment

  • DWCODE enables interactive marketing and additional interactions through mobile campaigns and broader advertising opportunities via packaging.

Brand protection

  • Continuous and end-to-end identities allow identification of materials to protect copyrights of graphics, images and documents.

Mobile app / embedded system implementation

  • With the unique and globally non-overlapping GTIN, DWCODE can be cost-effectively and easily deployed into mobile apps or point-of-sale systems via a multi-functional discovery engine.

Holy Grail

 A special topic of Digimarc, which is currently in the pilot phase, is the “Holy Grail" project. Here, the Digimarc code is embedded not only in the graphics of the packaging, but also in, for example, the material such as plastic. The goal is to achieve a better recycling rate of all packaging!

Digimarc barcode for packaging in a nutshell:

The Digimarc barcode on product packaging helps brands enable direct customer communication, implement product transparency initiatives including
SmartLabel®, and improve manufacturing processes such as “parts matching systems." It efficiently bridges the gap from off- to online.

The Digimarc barcode is an unobtrusive element in artwork used by FMCG brands to efficiently communicate appropriate content via packaging to customers’
cell phones (without the hassle of QR codes), speed up scanning at checkout, increase anti-counterfeiting, or even to more reliably detect packaging/parts with high-speed cameras on the production line.

Interested? Then contact us and make an appointment:
Tel.: 06102-2917-0, Björn Hegner
E-Mail: b-hegner@das-studio.de

For all requests and questions concerning DIGIMARC and Holy Grail 2.0 we are at your disposal at any time.


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Business Development

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