Whether you need a “design-to-print” agency or “centralized repro" agency, our team has a clear understanding of the whole spectrum of packaging types and printing processes: from  design adaptation and artwork to repro and color proofing to print approval and analysis. Our processes are designed to implement your consistent brand image as securely, efficiently, and quickly as possible. We offer all the services you need to do so from a single source, and you can also request services individually from us. Whether you need mock-ups (virtual / real), retouching for the optimal product presentation, or the repro for a yoghurt container, we have specialists ready to support you and your brand.

Creative Services
  • Photography
  • Retouching/Composing
  • Design Adaptation (Sizes, Types, Languages)
  • 3D Modelling/Pack Shots
  • Wireframe production
  • 2D product views
  • Packaging content for E-commerce
  • Dummy/Mock-Up
Prepress Services
  • Artwork/Final Artwork
  • Repro/Litho
  • Colour Management
  • Proofing
  • Digimarc
Print Services
  • Print ProductionManagement
  • Fingerprints
  • Press Proof
  • Print Approval/Print Analysis
Media IT
  • DS Workflow Management “WebJobTasche"
  • DS Asset Management
  • DS Design Automation
  • DS Statistics
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • CGI/3D
  • Animation/Film
Centralized Brand Management (Design-to-Print Agency)

DAS STUDIO functions as a central brand management agency (centralized repro and artwork), to support brand owners in efficiently and consistently adapting and implementing their entire spectrum of packaging and PoSM across all printing processes and languages (design-to-print) – Your benefits as a branded company or retailer:

> efficiently and consistently implementing (colour, CI/CD) all packaging designs, promotions, or PoSM across all materials and printing processes
> faster implementation of promotions and linguistic adaptations
> fast, centralised access to the most recent or current database
> review of data up to the printing plate

Brand Colors 7.0 Process
Replacing Spot Colors

Our Brand Colors 7.0© System ads orange, green and violet (OGV) to the CMYK color space creating the larger 7C color space Brand Colors 7.0©.
All images for a specific packaging artwork will be developed and separated based on the standardized color space CMYK + OGV. This enables the 7 color print process with a larger color space and brighter colors.

Client/Brand specific special colors are separated based on their ICC-Profile.

Integrated in Brand Colors 7.0© process is he ISO-Standard (39 L) and all PANTONE®-Colors „solid coated“.

This is also an interesting process for your challenges in digital printing for packaging.

Projects & References # PACKAGING

DAS STUDIO works as an artwork agency to efficiently produce packaging for Brita.


DAS STUDIO works for Lidl as a design-to-print agency (central repro) for efficiently producing international packaging.

Krüger Gruppe

DAS STUDIO works as a central repro for efficiently producing international packaging, PoSM, and MarCom for the Krüger Group.


DAS STUDIO works as a design-to-print agency for efficiently producing international packaging and PoSM for Braun.


DAS STUDIO works as a central repro for efficiently producing international packaging for Ferrero.


DAS STUDIO works as a design-to-print agency for efficiently producing packaging and PoSM for Stollwerck.

Stollwerck Case
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