Optimised, efficient and quickly created packaging images for e-commerce (e-content/digital content/GS1)

Are your product shots all “mobile ready”?

It is no news that optimised product images and additional, professional application images play a decisive role in successful sales in digital media. Especially when displayed on mobile devices or mobile phones, optimal presentation is a key success factor.

The University of Cambridge analysed the topic early on in an influential study and helped to develop guidelines that can also be found in the corresponding GS1 standards. The study proved that such optimised product images lead to an increase in sales.

For this reason, all companies that sell products in digital channels or omni-channel retail should prepare their images accordingly. To do this, the product images (product shots) must not only meet the technical requirements of the platform and shop operators, but also be optimally prepared and optimised visually.

DAS STUDIO Packaging team realises such e-commerce images for digital packaging (“digital shelf”) quickly and efficiently on the basis of your print artwork and thus ensures that the so-called “mobile-ready images” are quickly available in the online channel for your rapid sales success.

The most important information in the image and appropriate “off-pack communication” are extremely helpful, especially on mobile devices with smaller screens. Mobile ready images outperform pack shots in visual clarity tests.

These 4 simple questions are the test for your product image, in which the following information must be immediately recognisable:

  • What brand/brand?
  • What is the product?
  • What variant/flavour is it?
  • How much of it is in it? (e.g. 5 cups, 10 wash loads)



Speed counts both online and offline

Faster to the final product image than in the classic process

By creating 3D/CGI-based product images, your e-commerce content and all required pack shots for use in digital channels and your printed advertising materials (omni-channel) can be produced faster and more efficiently, including e-content that complies with GS1 specifications. With our own photo studio, we also always offer the option of photographing elements in the classic way, for example to supplement 3D packaging (transparency/see-through).

Or, if this is more efficient and quicker, to produce in the classic way.

Mock-ups – In addition to optimisation for the digital world, “haptics” are always in demand

The advantages of this small-scale production are nowadays indispensable in industry and trade. Especially in the marketing, sales, production and packaging manufacturing departments, for example, real mock-ups for photo shoots or process planning are absolutely necessary or welcome. To show the shape, size and effect of a new idea, we produce the mock-ups on or with your original substrate. We can process materials such as cardboard, film, coated paper or other customised options down to a thickness of 100 µm.
A wide variety of effects can be simulated, embossing, cold foil, hot foil or varnishing can be produced in a multitude of variants.

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