We have long known “Smart Artwork Automation” from the catalogue industry as “database publishing”, which is usually used as a collective term in the context of database-supported automated media production. We have been using this method for a long time for business cards, price lists, display passes and catalogues, for example.

It is also often used in packaging, especially for labelling/labels. However, it has not yet become very widespread in the general retail sector and CPG companies – there is a lot of potential here to increase efficiency and speed!

The decoupling process serves as the basis. Once this has been completed, further optimisation can begin.

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Speed of roll-out/market launch

Factors such as growth in the e-commerce sector, rapid response to trends, increasing individualisation and internationalisation are increasing the pressure for ever shorter update times or shorter “time-to-market” and faster updating of packaging.

Legal/content adjustments

EU requirements, new national regulations, rapid updates of all kinds across a wide variety of packaging, languages and formats present brands with major challenges time and again.

The best way to master these challenges quickly, reliably and consistently is to adapt the relevant data records centrally in a database and update the packaging automatically at the touch of a button.

Reduce errors

Many updates and changes to declarations and texts, but also to seals and logos, for example, can lead to errors. Errors can quickly creep in, especially when there are many variants that have to be updated manually, step by step, especially under time pressure.

A centrally controlled process with appropriate automation can minimise the risk and avoid errors.


A growing brand that is also being expanded internationally and multilingually, for example, and is growing rapidly, requires more and more variants and moulds that need to be updated and managed. A database-supported, automated solution that can scale with the brand is a great help in creating the necessary speed and maintaining an overview and control.

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