🏈 SUPERBOWL 2023 – some take aways from the industry reporting:

As AdAge has pointed out, Super Bowl LVII commercials will look a lot like they have in recent years—big-name celebrities, light-hearted jokes and high-profile musical appearances. Some of the key topics discussed on AdAge:

  1. Twitter
  2. AI
  3. QR-Codes
  4. More beer, less cars
  5. Collabs


Some big names are back on Twitter for the Super Bowl 2023…
Doritos, Pepsi, Michelob Ultra, Bud Light, FanDuel, Busch Light, Hyundai and others paid to promote tweets ahead of the game and other post organically (according to AdAge)

It will be also interesting to see how much can TikTok profit from Twitters „loss“?
Or is TikTok to different to even think „TikTok vs. Twitter“?

“A lot of the brands at Grey are paused on Twitter at the moment, during the event” said Chelsea Sugai (Grey Group). So, when planning the Super Bowl campaign for Pringles the agency prioritized alternative platforms, primarily TikTok and Instagram.

E-mail marketing platform Mailchimp will use Twitter during the game using generative AI.

And will Twitter work with-out twitches…wait to be seen….


“Who knows, maybe AI marketing gets its own category at Cannes.”
Quote: Jeremy Jones, group creative director of advertising at Mailchimp, on AdAge.com

Supposingly AI will not yet play a major role at the Super Bowl – YET.

AdAge has pointed out two brands using AI in the wake of the big game:

  1. MailChimp

E-mail marketing platform Mailchimp will be live-tweeting the game using generative AI.
The content, powered by the same technology behind ChatGPT, will offer play-by-play highlights in real time, as well as commentary on commercials and the halftime show. It will also serve reactions to social media tags and mentions by fans according to AdAge.

  1. BetOnlie

BetOnline, a web-based gambling company, has created a “fake” beer ad using exclusively AI-generated assets. The people appearing in the ad were created with Midjourney, the narration script and voiceover were created with ChatGPT and Play.ht, respectively, and the background music was created with Soundraw.io. Even the beer itself, called Bettors, is an invention of AI.

A list of the tools:

https://www.midjourney.com  (works with discord)



The usage of QR-Codes on the big screen is expected to increase this year, following the big success of the Coinbase’s Bouncing QR Super Bowl Ad last year.

For example, Michelob Ultra features a barcode at the end of its 30-second spot with Netflix:



As this is the first SuperBowl for years without AB InBev as the exclusive Beer sponsor, more Beer/Alcohol commercials will join.

Crown Royal, Rémy Martin, Molson Coors and Heineken (featuring Ant-Man) are part of the big game. One reason that there are not more beer brands, according to AdAge – it is winter and not summer which is peak beer season, which is one of the factors AB InBev scaled back.

The economy and supply concerns weigh on automakers—and fewer are using the game to push electric vehicles. Kia, General Motors and Stellantis will run a total of four ads compared with 11 car spots in 2018.

“Auto manufacturers are still working through supply shortages, and big Super Bowl ads aren’t needed to drum up interest for vehicles that are still in short supply,” said Jessica Caldwell, executive director of insights at Edmunds, which provides car shopping information to consumers (AdAge).


Partnerships are trending- maybe not so new, as it is mostly movies/series and “gaming”.

Michelob Ultra and Netflix 
to promote its beer alongside the new series “Full Swing”:


General Motors and Netflix

will focus on their combined electrical vehicle efforts:

Will Ferrell does the honors:

Molson Coors and DraftKings
partner for Super Bowl ad Partnership involves $500,000 prize pool for fans who correctly guess details of ad featuring Coors Light and Miller Lite:


Heineken and the Ant-Man –
the well proofen collab with a brand and a movie franchise:


Peacock also partnered with Google and M&M’s
to weave elements of their Super Bowl ads into this spot. Peacock will use its spot to promote its new series “Poker Face,” starring Natasha Lyonne, who appears in the ad. (AdAge)


🏈 All 2023 SuperBowl commercials so far:


IMAGE by Dall.E – „Jeff Koons style football 2023“