DAS STUDIO is working for BRITA to develop packaging and PoSM. From graphic adaptation to artworks for packaging, from product photography to mock-ups and retouching, DAS STUDIO offers all the services BRITA needs to be successful at the PoS.

Now, based on this successful collaboration in their everyday business, BRITA is entrusting the DAS STUDIO team with color development / creation of the new BRITA logo. In addition, DAS STUDIO also prepared a color management folder with documents related to relaunching the corporate design.


The new BRITA Liquid logo was developed by the agency Hotcake and delivered in 4c in three variations. DAS STUDIO’s task was to implement this new logo in 2c, using only one specialized color plus cyan. In addition, we were tasked with retaining the “fresh and light” look of the logo. To do so, we needed to find a new blue tone that could also serve as the new and unique BRITA corporate color.

Specialists at DAS STUDIO narrowed down the final color tone step by step through over 40 versions of the color. We completed frequent test prints of the logo on print test forms, working closely with the printer. After the final liquid logo (2c) was complete, we created the color variations for CMYK, sRGB, and Grey, and prepared a simple “BRITA_word_image_mark” in the different color variations.

The customer was looking for a clear operating manual and practical specifications for everyday use. The development process focused specifically on color references for central communication materials, i.e. reproducing the different logo variations and corporate colors. That’s why the “Color Matching Toolkit” included the color cards, which were used as a physical reference document.


The team designed the folder we needed in collaboration with the company Werner Achilles GmbH & Co KG, Celle. The team developed an easy-to-use multi-compartment folder with five different sleeves and four adhesive tabs. The design was specifically created to be sleek, to emphasize the clarity of the logo and the content of the folder. In addition, the multi-compartment folder can be taken anywhere, and the content can be expanded at any time. Three color cards were produced as color references for the new liquid logo and the new BRITA blue tone. The logo was printed in various sizes on these cards, then the logo was printed on the front side, right side, and halved to make them easier to hold for color comparisons to printed samples.

DAS STUDIO worked with the customer to develop a drop shape for the “design” of the pure BRITA color, in order to create a connection to the topics of water and liquid. In addition, the three cards printed at the Karl Knauer print shop contained a compact text on correct use and material, manufacturer, and color information.

The following three cards were produced:
1 x Liquid logo on or for coated paper
1 x Liquid logo on or for uncoated paper and business paper
1 x new BRITA color on coated paper

To ensure that the new logo had a uniform appearance, BRITA also wanted us to produce a complete CD guide and a short logo quick guide. Both of these were designed by the Schitto Schmodde Werbung agency in Frankfurt. DAS STUDIO implemented the designs and added them to the multi-compartment folder.


The complete BRITA CD guide is only designed to be available in an “online/digital” format and included with the multi-compartment folder on a USB stick. To do so, DAS STUDIO decided to collaborate with the customer to produce a USB stick in a check card format.

The color scheme of the logo and the back of the USB stick were adapted to the 4c color values as closely as possible. The check card format USB stick was then inserted in one of the adhesive tabs in the multi-compartment folder. In addition, BRITA produced two single-color plastic color patterns in a drop shape, which were also added to the multi-compartment folder using two adhesive tabs.

DThe entire project took three months, from idea to final printing. The multi-compartment folder was assembled at BRITA in Tanusstein.

With new, strategic BRITA brand positioning, we’ve created the foundation for our brand image: dynamic, modern, unique, and self-confident. The new logo and the corporate design create the framework for this image. Supported by our strong brand values, we are using these elements to fulfill our brand promise to our customers, partners, and consumers. And with our current global “THINK YOUR WATER” campaign, we’re encouraging people to rethink their drinking habits and discover the new, “smart” BRITA product portfolio,” says Ulrich Bergweiler, Director of Brand Marketing at BRITA.

BIf you have any questions regarding the packaging or BRITA, please contact Björn Hegner: b-hegner@das-studio.de

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DAS STUDIO “Trusted Brand Production” – consistent and efficient implementation of your brand architecture and communication through all touch points, both domestically and abroad, is our core competence.

We’ve been successfully focusing on innovation and providing the best, award-winning customer service since we launched back in 1969. Along the way, we’ve always kept our core areas of expertise – image and color – in mind.

We use our broad experience and outstanding commitment to produce visual content for packaging, PoSM, and marketing communications for small, sophisticated brands, trademarks, and global players, in both print and digital media.

Happy and successful customers are our mission.

Central Brand Management as central reproduction or design-to-print-agency.

DAS STUDIO acts as a central brand management agency (central reproduction) to support trademark holders in efficiently and consistently adapting and implementing their whole range of packaging and PoSM across all printing processes and languages (design-to-print) – Your benefits as a branded company or retailer:
• efficient and consistent implementation (color, CI/CD) of all packaging designs, promotions or PoSM across all materials and printing processes
• faster implementation of promotions and language adaptations
• faster, centralized access to the most recent data
• data controlling through to the printing plate


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